Ruhunu Kataragama

Tevani Amma Temple

Tevani Amma Kovila is a holy place with a history associated with yogic meditation. Kataragama was created for Amma Tevani, the South Indian mistress of God. Guru Asana, Boganadar Temple, Palani-Anda Temple, Vishnu Temple and Bhairava Temple are the important monuments in this temple area. During the reign of Rajasingha II, Santoshpur Swami initiated the construction of this Tevani Amman temple and it was called Tevani Amman.

Muthulinga Swami, Kalyanagiri Swami and Bogarnadar Swami are the oldest sages who practiced yoga here. On the seventh day of the Kataragama Esala festival, a special flag named 'Anna Kodiya' is hoisted here.